Freschi & Schiavoni takes into account recent progress in transit, warehousing and transport procedures within the European Union, as well as the new provisions introduced by Directive 2011/62/EU, complying with the new Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice, achieving GDP compliance from 2018.

In order to guarantee the CEIV standards, linked to the world of air cargo, it has also been awarded the CEIV conformity, which attests the highest standards of service and quality in the field of Pharma.

Thanks to this, Freschi & Schiavoni can offer its customers greater guarantees on the Organization’s ability to comply with binding regulations and contractual agreements.

Employees are specially trained to handle pharmaceutical products and activities are carried out in compliance with the highest safety standards.



In carrying out its activities, Freschi & Schiavoni has adopted the self-control system based on the HACCP principles, with the primary objective of preventing and minimizing health and hygiene risks associated with the activity carried out: storage and distribution of food products.

The company’s HACCP system, which must be defined by anyone operating in contact with food, is equipped with all the essential regulatory requirements laid down in EC Regulation no. 852/2004 and EC Regulation no. 178/2002 and other binding regulations and some substantial prerequisites, including the clear identification of responsibilities relating to the various activities of the HACCP itself, as well as the availability of company and non-company technical knowledge and resources.


Freschi & Schiavoni is certified for the handling and palletizing of various goods including those classified as dangerous (DGR). Freschi & Schiavoni is certified for national and international road transport between the main Italian and European airports of various goods including those classified as dangerous (ADR).

TAPA-Transport Asset Protection Association

The – Transported Asset Protection Association – is a non-profit association of security professionals, whose mission is to make the structures that manage goods safer, in order to ensure security throughout the supply chain.

Freschi & Schiavoni chose to obtain TAPA TSR (Trucking Security Requirements) certifications for its fleet of vehicles and TAPA FSR (Freight Security Requirements) for warehouse security, in order to guarantee the maximum protection of its customers’ goods.

GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and CEIV regulations

With the aim of  being able to guarantee its customers handling and transport services in compliance with the guidelines of the GDP (Good Distribution Practice), Freschi & Schiavoni, since 2017, started a highly specialized path, investing in human resources, training and technologically advanced infrastructures that could guarantee the safety Pharma entrusted by its customers, both during the handling activities in the  Vignate Hub, and while transporting  pharma goods, with mapped and monitored medium and large capacity vehicles.

In recent years, thanks to its own Pharma Team, it has successfully completed a path of compliance with the GDP and CEIV regulations and, in 2021, integrated the process with the GDP certification.

Certifications for transport logistics warehouse Iso, Enac, Tapa, SGS, Haccp
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Certifications for transport logistics warehouse Iso, Enac, Tapa, SGS, Haccp
Certifications for transport logistics warehouse Iso, Enac, Tapa, Haccp, GDP and CEIV management of pharmaceutical, food and special products
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