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The company was founded on the dream of a very ambitious couple in 1962. It was and still is formed by Luciana Freschi and Schiavoni Antonio. In 1967 the first air-truck transport was performed on behalf of Swissair (today Swiss World Cargo).

The first warehouse, suitable for the reception and delivery of air goods, outside an airport, was built in 1970. Freschi & Schiavoni was, therefore, the first company to equip warehouses and trucks to transport air containers and pallets.

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In the meantime, the two children, Primo, who had already been following in his father’s footsteps since he was a child, travelling by truck, joined the business at around 16/17 years of age working in the warehouse, loading and unloading vehicles. While their daughter Betty joined them in 1983, she too was initially involved in the warehouse activities like her brother. The company is present as Airline Handling Agent in the following Italian cities: Milan (Vignate, Liscate and Malpensa), Bologna (built in 1993) and finally Florence (built in 1996). Despite this, it is often recognised as a transport company throughout Italy.

Starting from 1966 up to today, Freschi & Schiavoni has managed to keep up with the countless changes in both the sector and technology by investing on behalf of and in our customers, in order to always meet their need and the market demands. This strategy is what has made this company’s presence persist in the industry, as we have always wanted to do our best for our customers, constantly offering them high-quality services.


The core business has, therefore, had to undergo changes over time, with a dynamic market, which is increasingly different and structured.

Freschi e Schiavoni was founded as a transport company, with only airline customers, and over the years, we have diversified and increased our portfolio both in terms of customers and services. Today the core business is still transport, but with a difference in terms of customers. The latter have become the following: 

  • Airlines

  • Forwarding agents/carriers

  • Marine Consolidators (NVOCC)

  • GSA (Global Sales Agent)

  • GSSA (Global Sales Services Agents)

While at one time Freschi&Schiavoni offered warehousing and storage assistance only for air cargo, we have therefore intensified our services in order to be more and more competitive on the market and to be the point of reference and support for our customers in every step of each shipment and for any type of goods.

Today Freschi e Schiavoni is, therefore, a multi-logistics platform with a wide range of the following services:

  • Warehousing and storage assistance for air, sea and industrial goods
  • Warehousing and storage assistance for hazardous goods
  • Warehousing and storage assistance for valuable goods
  • Warehousing and storage assistance for hanging garments
  • Warehousing and storage assistance for temperature-controlled goods (+2/+8 and +15/25) with supply of packaging material, thermal blankets and data loggers
  • Cooltainers warehousing and storage assistance 
  • Customs and documentation assistance for all types of goods/containers listed above
  • Daily domestic connections to/from our branches (Liscate, Malpensa, Bologna and last but not least Florence)
  • Daily domestic shuttle from our HUBs to the main Italian airports
  • Ad hoc pick-ups throughout Italy (Islands included) for general cargo goods 
  • Ad hoc pick-ups throughout Italy (Islands included) for temperature-controlled goods 
  • Daily temperature-controlled domestic shuttle to the main cargo airport (Malpensa)
  • Ad hoc requests (FTL) throughout Italy
  • Possibility of a double driver for both national and international transport
  • Transport services under TAPA for both national and international transport
  • ADR transport for hazardous goods for both national and international transport
  • Daily connections to the main European airports
  • Ad-hoc pick-ups/deliveries for temperature-controlled goods to the main European airports 
  • Ad hoc requests (FTL) to the main European airports

Freschi e Schiavoni has founded its strategy on 4 fundamentals, which have always been important for this company, namely:

  • Innovation 
  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Sustainability

Freschi e Schiavoni therefore, wants to guarantee quality services to our customers through the professionalism of our qualified staff who are constantly updated with the regulations in force, always trying to find more innovative tools and reduce their environmental impact.


  • 1962: Antonio Schiavoni and Luciana Freschi founded the company. Start of business with BOAC
  • 1967: First air-truck transport on behalf of Swissair
  • 1970: Opening of the first dedicated airline warehouse outside the airport
  • 1978: Opening of the second sub-hub in Segrate
  • 1979: Establishment of Freschi & Schiavoni Srl
  • 1987: Opening of a dedicated warehouse and offices for Swissair in Milan Oltre - Segrate
  • 1990: Start of the Intermodal connection with Switzerland
  • 1993: Opening of the Bologna branch and start of cooperation with Lufthansa
  • 1995: Opening of Fiumicino Airport branch and start of documentation activities on behalf of Airlines
  • 1996: Opening of a branch office in Florence and transfer of the Segrate headquarters to Liscate
  • 1997: Establishment of AIR CARGO VENICE in Marghera
  • 1998: ISO 9002 certification
  • 2000: Establishment of Air Cargo Torino, with Sagat at Caselle Airport
  • 2001: Award of ENAC certificate as off-airport handler
  • 2003: Award of "regulated agent" status recognised by ENAC
  • 2006: Award as best Innovator for 7 pallets semi-trailer patent
  • 2008: Construction of a new freight hub in Vignate
  • 2011: Establishment of Società Verona Cargo for the management of Catullo Airport Cargo warehouses
  • 2011: Opening of Malpensa Office
  • 2014: Award of TAPA FSR class A certification on Vignate HUB
  • 2016: Start of the procedure for GDP certification and CEIV Compliance for Pharma and Food management
  • 2017: Construction of cells for activity dedicated to perishable goods, controlled temperature
  • 2018: Award of GDP & CEIV COMPLIANCE
  • 2018: Award of general postal authorisation no. 4865/2018
  • 2018: Award of the TAPA TSR 2017 Level 1 certificate
  • 2019: Award of the ISO 9001:2015 certification for the Liscate branch
freschi e schiavoni logistica
Freschi & Schiavoni logistic platform multiple services
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