FRESCHI & SCHIAVONI SRL represents a leading company for handlers, shipping and logistics companies.

The continuous transformation of the market requires a dynamic evolution towards the current and future needs of our customers, to whom we propose ourselves as a company capable of providing consultancy to monitor and oversee the critical processes managed. In particular, our Company has as a priority commitment not only the respect of all the laws relating to the sector to which it belongs, but also the pursuit of an operating policy aimed at reducing risk situations

This approach is shared and implemented together with all our Suppliers and Customers. For this reason, for several years, our activity has been aimed at applying the following principles which we consider priorities and which direct all our efforts towards CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT also through the certifications that we have decided to adopt with conviction over the years, i.e. the ISO scheme 9001, TAPA and GDP. From today we have decided to formalize our sensitivity to environmental and sustainability issues and, also for this reason, we have decided to start environmental certification according to the 14001 standard

The goal we have set ourselves is to finalize the efforts of all internal staff and our partners to a careful management of issues related to quality and environmental aspects in compliance with current laws and regulations, and compliance obligations in general , guaranteeing the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, preventing the occurrence of disservices rather than managing their correction and subsequent recovery. Our Quality Policy is therefore also extended to our Environmental Management System. The awareness of the “goodness” of this strategic choice is supported by the fact that the experience gained over the years with the implementation of the Quality Management System and with all the other schemes adopted, has improved our organizational management and has stimulated links between the various corporate functions in an atmosphere of reciprocal collaboration. We are fully aware that a responsible economic strategy, aimed at the environmental problems deriving from our activities, is essential for our and our customer’s success.


We believe that lasting success is achieved when an organization attracts and retains the trust of customers and other stakeholders on which it depends. Every aspect of customer interaction presents an opportunity to create greater customer value. Understanding the current and future needs of customers and other stakeholders contributes to an organization’s lasting success. 

In this sense, a vision of “responsible” quality can be increased by the attention we dedicate to the community and to other internal and external subjects of the context in which we operate, keeping environmental needs first;


The creation of unity of purpose, direction and commitment allow our organization to align strategies, policies, processes and resources to achieve common objectives, including those of an environmental nature.


To run our organization efficiently and effectively, we believe it is important to involve people at all levels and respect them as individuals. Recognition, accountability and the growth of skills and knowledge facilitate people’s commitment to achieving our goals.


We believe that consistent and reliable results are achieved most effectively and efficiently when activities are evaluated and managed as interconnected processes that operate as a coherent system toward common goals.


The continuous improvement of our environmental performance leads to significant commercial and economic advantages, which at the same time satisfy the expectations of environmental improvement relating to the territorial context in which the Company operates.


The constant orientation to improve its performance in terms of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at work represents the company strategy which operationally is expressed through the pursuit of effective customer satisfaction, the prevention of accidents at work and pollution, the protection of the health and well-being of its workers and the reduction of the environmental impacts associated with its activities and services. We are therefore committed to pursuing a policy of continuous improvement of environmental performance, minimizing, where technically possible and economically sustainable, any negative impact on the environment and in preventing pollution.

All FRESCHI & SCHIAVONI SRL personnel are aware of this Policy, which has been presented to all employees and communicated to interested parties, but above all to our “critical” suppliers. The verification of the topicality of the company’s Quality and Environment policy is conducted during the Management Review and whenever the context analysis becomes necessary.



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Freschi & Schiavoni Quality policy
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