Freschi & Schiavoni has a dedicated internal team that, thanks to sophisticated protection and screening systems, guarantees the highest levels of security in terms of aviation security and therefore provides security services across the board for all handling and transport activities.

The mission is to provide innovative, competitive and total coverage solutions to guarantee the security and protection of the goods that customers entrust to Freschi & Schiavoni.

The staff is made up 100% of experienced, qualified and certified staff, selected among the best professionals with over 10 years of seniority.

Thanks to its extensive experience in the logistics and transport sector and a very high level of preparation in the field of security, Freschi & Schiavoni is a guarantee of security, reliability and operational efficiency.


GPS system operating 24/24 hours. All trailers and semi-trailers are equipped with a satellite-tracking device.

Thanks to the use of the operations centre Freschi & Schiavoni is able to guarantee high professionalism and security to its customers:

  • Localization “in real-time” and visualization of the vehicle positions on maps

  • Details for each position with date, time, ignition and shutdown events

  • Report with summary data

  • Anti-robbery systems

  • Tapa

For each type of transport of valuable goods, different types of monitoring can be studied and applied (even with escort).


  • Regulated warehouses

  • On-site surveillance

  • TAPA certificates



The security services are available throughout the Freschi & Schiavoni network, in full compliance with ENAC‘s National Security Programme, EU regulations and TSA requirements.

Our warehouses are equipped with the latest generation radiogenic control systems, including dual view x-ray machines.

For cargo, the objective is to prevent the illegal introduction of any material that could be disruptive to the normal course of civil air traffic.

Freschi & Schiavoni is recognized as “Authorized Handler” in its branches in Vignate, Liscate, Bologna and Florence.

All Freschi & Schiavoni staff attend mandatory Security Training Programs, organized by authorized companies, in order to obtain individual security officer diplomas.

Tunnel size: 179 cm x 179 cm – Dual vision


The Management of Freschi & Schiavoni Srl is committed to maintaining security standards at the highest levels to prevent, ensure and identify potential threats in the supply chain in order to ensure that the goods handled and shipments do not represent a risk for the company, its customers and society in general.

To achieve this, a prevention plan has been designed, which has the following foundations:

  • Physical security of the facilities

  • Staff safety

  • The security of goods and transport

  • Supplier management

  • Information security

  • Risk management to implement controls and mitigation measures to manage threats and potential impacts on supply chain security.

Freschi & Schiavoni guarantees its Customers that all shipments with anomalies or deficiencies will be investigated within 24 hours of the event. Freschi & Schiavoni undertakes to keep the PODs in its archives for a period of 2 years and to make them available at the Customer’s request in case of investigation.

The Management is committed to disseminating this policy in order to achieve compliance, training and incentives for both its own staff and third parties.

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