Customs Assistance

As a multi-logistics platform with a wide range of services, F&S also offers customs assistance at our headquarters and branches. As all of our structures are AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certified, thanks to this latter certification, they operate in a simplified procedure and can, therefore, benefit from advantages and simplified customs processes.

The customs assistance offered covers both import and export goods. Below are the services provided:


    • Customs Warehouse 
    • VAT Warehouse


    • Issue of T1 on final destination
    • Definitive import (IM4)
    • Introduction VAT warehouse
    • Temporary storage of imported goods
    • Issue of DV1
    • ATA carnet
    • Medical clearance


    • Issue of EX
    • Issue of T2 (single or cumulative)
    • Relaunch T2 in EX
    • Issue of EUR1

Freschi & Schiavoni relies on well-established cooperation from our own authorized and recognized customs operators at national and international level. Thanks to the qualified and constantly updated staff present both in Freschi & Schiavoni offices and in those of our collaborators, this company boasts high-quality and strict compliance with the new and increasingly numerous regulations in force.

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Custom assistance
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Custom assistance
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