As a multi-logistics platform with a wide range of services, F&S offers assistance for hazardous goods, hanging garments and also for valuable goods.


F&S offers assistance for DGR (Dangerous Goods Regulation) goods, both in terms of storage and stock and in terms of transport.

Below are the services provided:

    • Acceptance of DGR goods
    • Verification of DGR goods (Hazard Class, UN Code)
    • DGR Check List with the aim of verifying and ensuring that the shipment complies with the transport regulations for which it is intended (IATA, IMDG)
    • Storage at our facilities
    • Transport under ADR (Accord Europeen relatif au Trasport International des Merchandises Dangereuses par Route)

Through our qualified staff, constantly updated with courses in order to be always informed about the regulations in force, F&S offers security and relieves our customers of responsibility.


F&S also offers assistance for a particular commodity: hanging garments.

For this type of goods, special attention is required, which is why F&S has a qualified and dedicated team, which checks all the mandatory procedures to be respected.

Below are the services provided:

    • Acceptance of goods and handling of the same with clothing racks
    • Manual inspection and verification of every single garment 
    • Containerization of the shipment in AMP/LD3 and/or in wardrobe crates for hanging garments
    • Supply of consumable material for packaging


When it comes to valuable goods, the first word that immediately comes to mind is security.
For this type of goods, it is, therefore, necessary to perform special procedures and have high-security standards. Below are the services provided:

    • Acceptance of goods
    • Verification of packaging suitability and/or any irregularities
    • Weighing and labelling services
    • Security services with X-Ray machines; ETDS method; Visual/Manual Inspection
    • Packaging with consumable materials 
    • Storage of valuable goods
    • Latest generation alarm system with 24/7 surveillance systems
    • GPS service for tracking our vehicles: knowledge of loading, unloading, transit control and position of the vehicle in real-time
    • Equipment with alarm systems in case of theft

As we can see from the previous description, F&S has always invested and worked to protect the goods of our customers, obtaining two particular certifications: TAPA FSR and TAPA TSR in order to maintain our high-security standards both in terms of physical facilities (warehouses holding goods) and in terms of transport (our own fleet).

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