In 2017, F&S installed a new generation cold room system at our headquarters in Vignate, of about 400 sqm, with two temperature ranges available: +2/+8 and +15/+25.

The cold room is equipped with a pre-cold room with two dedicated unloading doors, to unload/reload goods from/to the vehicle and process them. We have alarm systems to alert the competent staff of any temperature deviations or anomalies.

We wanted to seize this business opportunity. In addition to the fact that at a national level the export of these two types of goods has always been in constant increase, we have noticed an increasing demand from our customers.

As a multi-logistics platform with a wide range of services, F&S offers warehousing and storage assistance for temperature-controlled goods, both pharma and food.


Below are the services provided:

    • Acceptance of goods with introduction of the same into the cold room
    • Verification of packaging suitability and/or any irregularities
    • Weighing and labelling services (Sensitive Labels)
    • Security services with X-Ray machines
    • Storage of goods in our own warehouse (Headquarters-Vignate)
    • Packaging in isothermal packaging with different sizes and refrigerant products (gel pack/dry ice)
    • Supply of temperature monitoring devices (Data Loggers) for positive and negative temperatures
    • Supply of thermal blankets of different sizes
    • Installation of cool containers (active and passive solutions: Envirotainer, C-Safe, Opticooler, Vaq-Tec)
    • Shuttle service from Vignate Cargo Terminal to Malpensa (T° +2/+8)
    • Dedicated temperature-controlled transportation for positive and negative temperatures (from +25° to -20°) throughout Italy

F&S means GDP and CEIV compliance. In compliance with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points; food products) and CEIV (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators; pharma goods) standards, F&S is able to manage the mandatory procedures for perishable goods step by step, according to the type of transport and the type of commodity.

With our qualified staff constantly updated on the regulations in force, F&S has a dedicated pharma team, which verifies that all the current procedures are carried out and verified.

The following services for Cooltainers are offered at the Liscate branch:

  • Software control
  • Data download
  • Container cleaning
  • Storage

Services offered for shippers, always at this site:

  • Device temperature setting
  • Programming of the upload/download of devices to/from the vehicle

At our Headquarters, F&S offers the following services for Envirotainer/Vaq-Tec/CSafe Global containers:

    • E/T model cooltainer preparation (Envirotainer)
    • Cooltainer preparation 
    • Handling/Security/Customs Assistance
    • Stowage of goods in the container
    • Delivery to Handler of Segrate (SWK)
    • Delivery to Handler of Malpensa (MXP)

F&S is always ready to assist our customers, step by step, growing together and becoming the right specialized support, offering assistance, in order to provide guidance for those who interface with these types of shipments for the first time.

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